Put on Your Boogie Shoes
Today's Diet & Fitness Tip
Exercise doesn't have to feel like work. So get you ready to march to the beat of your own drummer. We're talking about incorporating dance into your fitness regimen. The rhythm is gonna get you with these fun-filled workouts. Dancing not... Read More
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4 Easy Deep Meditation Techniques
Reaching a state of complete bliss is possible through meditation, but it requires a lot of practice. Most new practitioners face a lot...
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Ways to Stop Emotional Eating
By Lyla Feldman Many people suffer from emotional eating. This usually occurs when we are involved in a stressful situation. When this...
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Ten Things You Can Do To Decrease Office Stress
By Chris Le Roy The world we live on is nothing but a mound of chaotic pressure that is building to the point it bursts like a volcano.
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